Our intensive Spanish courses are designed to meet your needs and linguistic interests, whether personal or professional.
Kaserio-school has 3 different levels structured according to the Curriculum of the Cervantes Institute and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, in order to facilitate the equivalence of standards in the assessment of students and the development of their certificates.

The levels are grouped into basic, intermediate and advanced. In Kaserio Language Retreat the level taught will be based on your existing abilities in Spanish.

Level A2 (Basic):

When the student is able to understand everyday expressions, basic phrases and able to tell simple stories and meet their immediate needs. The student can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly, clearly and is willing to cooperate.

Level B1 (Intermediate):

When the student is able to understand and use sentences and frequently used expressions related to personally known topics. There might be errors in their basic oral language and grammar and the person needs to improve on his/her linguistics skills. The students is able to communicate and made themselves be understood in most situations that may arise while traveling and can produce simple texts.

Level B2 (Advanced):

When the student is able to understand the main points of clear standard language on familiar topics relating work, study or leisure. He shows a good level of fluency in communication with native speakers. The student is able to describe experiences and events, wishes and aspirations and briefly justify opinions and explain plans using the past, present and future tenses of verbal forms.