Intensive Spanish courses

Our intensive Spanish courses are designed for those looking for a full immersion in the Spanish language. Your teacher will be a native speaker, who is available throughout your stay to provide you with all the necessary tools to learn effective communication in Spanish.

We only teach in small groups, so that each student has plenty of personal attention.. Our approach is not limited to general language skills (speaking, grammar and vocabulary), we also focus on confidence and common obstacles people may face when speaking in a new language, personally as well as professionally.

After class, students are invited to participate in a series of social and cultural activities where the spoken language is Spanish. They will be accompanied by native Spanish speakers. This way students can put into practice the theory they have learned in the lessons in an informal and playful way. Through this type of practice students will acquire conversational phrases and expressions that are often missing from standard textbooks, but are vital for everyday use of the language as well as improve their pronunciation and confidence.