Knowing us

Knowing us

Kaserio Language Retreat was founded with the idea of ​​developing intensive courses in Spanish and to offer an experience that extends the traditional classroom. We aim to fully immerse students in the Basque country with its many social and cultural traditions and cuisine to optimise the learning experience.

Our methodology consists of active, innovative and communicative teaching, which not only facilitates learning the language from the theoretical point of view but also allows students a unique experience exploring the Spanish language from an interactive and cultural point of view.

In the classes you will be taught by highly professional and dynamic native teachers with university degrees complemented by certification of the training program ‘Spanish as a foreign language’. Our course materials are constantly updated to stay relevant with topics and news.


Organizer: Maika Mena

Address: 48891 Lanzas Agudas No 17. Karrantza, Bizkaia (Spain)

Tlfno:  34-946.806.667, 661.293.977


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    Kaserio Language Retreat is located in a corner of  Karrantza Valley, in the Western part of Bizkaia bordering the province of Burgos and Cantabria community. A land that was already occupied since prehistory due to its convenient high land level and also for being very close to the coast.

    Distances from the nearest capital: 60Km Bilbao, Santander 75km and Burgos 135km.